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Feedly for Threat Intelligence’s AI Actions: Accelerating Threat Intelligence Analysis and Reporting

Feedly for Threat Intelligence has introduced a game-changing new feature called AI Actions that will revolutionize the way analysts analyze and report on threat intelligence. With the ability to trust the answers generated by AI Actions, extract deeper insights from articles, create customized threat intel reports, and unlock global insights from foreign news coverage, analysts can save valuable time and accelerate investigations.

The challenge of analyzing open-source threat intelligence is daunting, with too much information to sift through and extract meaningful patterns. Feedly for Threat Intelligence has long been a trusted tool for filtering out the noise, and now with AI Actions, analysts can synthesize articles, extract key concepts, and generate intelligence reports in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

AI Actions are grounded in the articles you select, providing verifiable citations for further analysis. By analyzing multiple articles simultaneously, analysts can gain a deeper understanding of new threats, deconstruct campaigns, and identify relevant mitigations. The ability to customize AI Action prompts means analysts can generate reports that fit their specific needs, whether it’s executive summaries, remediation lists, or timelines.

In addition, AI Actions can be run on foreign reports to provide global insights on key topics, helping teams better understand international news coverage and share key takeaways with global teams. With AI Actions, analysts can trust the accuracy of the information generated, saving time and streamlining the analysis process.

Overall, AI Actions are a powerful tool that will help analysts triage risks, accelerate investigations, and ultimately improve overall threat intelligence analysis processes. With the ability to interact with content, extract key insights, and create customizable reports, AI Actions are a must-have for any threat intelligence team looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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