Delhi’s millionaire businessman arrested in Rs. 15,000 crore GST fraud case, many businessmen under Noida Police’s radar.


In a major crackdown on GST fraud, the Noida police arrested a wealthy businessman from Delhi for allegedly committing a fraud of over ₹24 crore in the form of Input Tax Credit. The accused, Tushar Gupta, was apprehended for misusing fake GST firms to claim fraudulent Input Tax Credit, causing significant losses to the government.

According to DCP Crime Shakti Mohan Awasthi, Tushar Gupta operated fake GST firms to exploit Input Tax Credit and was arrested at his residence in Tilak Nagar, Delhi. Gupta, who was involved in the packaging and metal business, had created 35 fake companies and had wrongfully received ITC refunds from 24 crore rupees.

This arrest is part of a broader investigation by the Noida police, which has already nabbed 33 other individuals involved in similar fraudulent activities. The police revealed that these criminals had opened over 2600 fake companies, resulting in billions of rupees in revenue loss for the government.

The accused had exploited the personal data of millions of people to open fake companies, issue fake bills, and claim GST refunds, thereby laundering illicit funds. The investigation exposed the extensive network of fraudulent entities involved in money laundering through GST fraud.

With no bail granted to any of the arrested individuals so far, the Noida police are actively searching for other suspects involved in the elaborate scam. The crackdown on GST fraudsters highlights the authorities’ commitment to combating financial crimes and ensuring accountability in the tax system.

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