Do Kwon, Cryptocurrency Mogul, Found Guilty of Committing Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud


In a high-profile legal battle, Terraform founder Kwon faced off against the SEC in a case that has far-reaching implications for the crypto industry. The defense argued that the failure of Terraform’s crypto assets did not equate to fraud, and attempted to discredit the SEC whistleblowers as motivated by financial gain.

Despite the defense’s efforts, the jury found Kwon and Terraform liable, paving the way for a financial penalty and likely exclusion from the US securities market. The case highlighted the ongoing debate over the classification of crypto assets as securities, with Judge Jed Rakoff ruling in favor of the SEC’s jurisdiction.

The verdict sets a precedent for future cases involving crypto organizations and US securities laws, with potential implications for firms like Ripple and Coinbase. Terraform has indicated plans to appeal the decision, citing the ambiguity surrounding the classification of its tokens.

The absence of Kwon from the courtroom during the trial could bolster the appeal bid, with Terraform expressing disappointment in the verdict and questioning the SEC’s legal authority in bringing the case. The classification question, according to experts, may only be definitively settled through the appellate courts or even the US Supreme Court.

As the legal landscape for crypto continues to evolve, Kwon’s case serves as a significant chapter in the ongoing regulatory saga, with its impact resonating far beyond the courtroom in Montenegro where Kwon currently resides.

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