F Society Ransomware Group Takes Responsibility for 4 Attacks on Victims, Bitfinex, Rutgers University among Targets


F Society Ransomware Group Targets Bitfinex, Coinmoma, Rutgers University, and SBC Global Net

F Society Ransomware Group Strikes Again, 4 New Victims Listed on Leak Site

The infamous F Society ransomware group has struck again, this time listing four new victims on its leak site. Among the high-profile targets are Bitfinex, Coinmoma, Rutgers University, and SBC Global Net. Bitfinex, a well-known crypto-exchange platform, and Coinmoma, a provider of cryptocurrency data, are among the victims. Rutgers University, a historic institution with four campuses in New Jersey, and SBC Global Net, a former email service, have also been targeted.

The ransomware group has shared alleged samples of the data obtained from the attacks on its leak site. Each victim was given a 7-day deadline to pay the ransom or risk having their data leaked. The details provided by the group include the total size of the stolen information and the type of data acquired in each attack.

Bitfinex supposedly had 2.5 TB of information stolen, including personal details of 400K users. Rutgers University’s data breach involved 1 TB of stolen data, with the type of information undisclosed. Coinmoma’s breach included sensitive user information and transaction histories, totaling 2TB in size with 210k user records. SBC Global Net’s unauthorized access resulted in the theft of personal user details, with a file size of 1 TB.

While the claims made by the F Society ransomware group have not been verified, it raises concerns about the increasing cyber threats faced by prominent organizations. The Cyber Express Team has reached out to Rutgers University for further details on the alleged data breach, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity measures in the digital age. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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