Fact Check: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Rs 350 Deduction for Not Voting in the Upcoming Punjab Elections


The residents of Punjab recently received a shock when a viral message started circulating on social media platforms, claiming that Rs 350 would be deducted from their bank accounts if they did not vote in the upcoming elections. This news spread like wildfire, causing panic among the citizens.

However, a fact-check conducted by The420.in revealed that this message was nothing but a hoax. The Office of Chief Electoral Officer (Punjab) issued a statement confirming that the news was fabricated and baseless. They urged the people to report any such misleading information to the Election Commission of India or their office.

Despite the clarification from the authorities, the rumour persisted, prompting Delhi Police to launch an investigation into the matter. The police filed a complaint and referred the issue to the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) branch for further investigation.

It is essential for the public to verify any information they receive on social media before believing and spreading it. Fake news can cause unnecessary panic and confusion among the people. The authorities have encouraged the citizens to visit the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab, for accurate information regarding the election orders.

In conclusion, it is crucial for everyone to be vigilant and responsible while consuming and sharing information to avoid falling prey to misinformation and fake news. Let’s all strive to create a more informed and aware society.

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