Future Crime Researchers’ Top 10 Daily Cybercrime Brief [08.05.2024]: Cyber Attack targets UK Ministry of Defence, Google employs Gemini AI to Fight Cyber Crime, Government Bans 20 Apps and more


Kolkata Police have made a breakthrough in the fight against cybercrime by apprehending 11 individuals involved in a fraudulent call center scheme. These cybercriminals were deceiving victims with promises of loans while impersonating bank officials. The police seized the assets of the accused, marking a significant victory against financial fraud.

In a similar operation, the Odisha Crime Branch successfully captured four cyber fraudsters in Gujarat. This arrest comes after a Bhubaneswar resident fell victim to an online trading scam, losing a substantial sum of Rs. 60 Lakhs. The Cyber Crime Unit, led by Inspector Jibanananda Jena, worked diligently to gather digital evidence, conduct raids with the support of Gujarat Crime Branch, and secure remand for further interrogation.

In another case, elderly individuals in India have been targeted by cyber scammers, with one 66-year-old resident losing a staggering Rs 1.88 crore in a share market scam through a mobile app. This alarming incident prompted the victim to report the scam to the cyber cell, leading to an investigation into the fraudulent activities targeting vulnerable individuals.

These recent arrests and crackdowns on cybercriminals highlight the growing threat of online financial fraud and the importance of cybersecurity measures to protect individuals from falling prey to such scams. Law enforcement agencies continue to work tirelessly to identify and apprehend cyber fraudsters, safeguarding the financial interests of the public.

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