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Streamlining Article Sharing with Feedly: Simplifying the Process for External Recipients

Feedly Enterprise customer finds clever way to instantly share articles with external recipients

In the fast-paced world of cyber threat intelligence, instant communication is key. One Feedly Enterprise customer, faced with the challenge of sharing critical information with external customers quickly and efficiently, came up with a clever solution.

Initially, the team had set up a somewhat clunky workaround using an IFTTT automation. They created a designated email address and set up a process where articles saved to a specific board would be sent to that Gmail address, which would then trigger an email to a predefined list of six recipients. While it got the job done, it wasn’t the most visually pleasing or seamless process.

Enter Remi, Customer Success & Operations lead at Feedly, who saw an opportunity to simplify the process. By leveraging Feedly’s Notes feature, users can now highlight a section of an article and leave a Note with the intended recipient’s email address. Feedly will automatically send an email to the recipient, including the highlighted section in the body of the email. This streamlined approach not only looks better but also eliminates the need for recipients to click through to read the highlighted section.

But what about sharing articles with the same group of recipients regularly? Users can now utilize tools like TextExpander to create keyboard shortcuts for predetermined lists of email addresses, making the sharing process even more efficient.

This innovative solution not only saves time but also ensures that replies to the shared articles are sent directly back to the original sender’s inbox. For teams looking to streamline their communication processes and share timely, relevant information with external stakeholders, this new feature from Feedly is a game-changer. Give it a try and experience the efficiency for yourself.

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