Lufthansa Innovation Hub Case Study: Trend Forecasting


Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) is making waves in the travel industry with their innovative approach to strategic intelligence. Led by Tino Klaehne, Director of Strategic Innovation and Intelligence, the team at LIH has implemented a game-changing process using Feedly AI to spot trends faster and redefine the future of travel and mobility tech.

Previously, LIH faced challenges in gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing intelligence due to the lack of a systematic approach. This led them to integrate Feedly AI into their tech stack, allowing them to track macro trends and define trends within the travel and mobility tech category. This resulted in an industry-leading process that is 3-5X faster than traditional strategic intelligence gathering.

Their approach has had impressive results, with regular trend reports published in the TNMT newsletter that has over 10,000 subscribers. Additionally, former LIH employees have introduced Feedly to their new companies, showcasing the impact their strategic intelligence process has had.

By leveraging Feedly AI to track venture capital investments and identify emerging trends, LIH has positioned themselves as industry leaders. Their dedication to refining their processes and collaboration with Feedly has resulted in faster, more insightful research that allows them to look towards the future of travel innovation.

LIH’s success story serves as an inspiration for companies looking to revolutionize their strategic intelligence processes. With Feedly at the core of their toolbox, LIH continues to build innovative processes that shape the future of travel and mobility tech.

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