More than half of check fraud victims have been targeted multiple times


Rising Concerns of Check Fraud in America: A Recent Survey Reveals Shocking Statistics

According to a recent report by Abrigo, Americans and small businesses are suffering from check fraud at an alarming rate. The report states that 45% of respondents have been victims of financial fraud, with 17% specifically falling victim to check fraud – potentially affecting more than 20 million people.

The survey revealed that check fraud is a recurring issue for many, with 51% of victims reporting being targeted two or more times. Small business owners seem to be particularly vulnerable, with 57% reporting being targeted for financial fraud, and 60% of those experiencing check fraud reporting multiple instances.

Surprisingly, while many believe credit card theft is the most common form of financial fraud, check fraud poses a larger threat to banks, projected to reach $24 billion globally this year. Despite this, a third of Americans surveyed admitted to not following best practices to avoid check fraud.

Interestingly, small businesses seem to be more aware of check fraud prevention measures, with 66% having knowledge of check fraud technology compared to the general population. Additionally, they are more likely to attend educational sessions or workshops offered by financial institutions to learn about prevention methods.

Despite technological advancements, checks remain a popular method of payment in America, with 61% of Americans still writing checks each year and 57% sending or receiving payments by check monthly. Various methods are used to deposit checks, including physical bank branches, mobile banking apps, and ATMs.

The findings of the report highlight the urgent need for increased awareness and education on check fraud prevention to protect consumers and businesses from financial loss.

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