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Feedly AI Enhancements for Monitoring CVE IDs

Feedly AI Autocompletes CVE IDs for Easy Monitoring of Vulnerabilities

In an effort to make tracking vulnerabilities easier and more efficient, Feedly AI now autocompletes CVE IDs and provides a description of the vulnerability. This small improvement to the user interface eliminates the need to manually enter CVE IDs, ensuring that users are monitoring the correct vulnerability.

By creating an AI Feed to track a specific CVE, users can receive updates as it develops. This feature is particularly useful for high-profile CVEs that may attract threat actors looking to exploit them. Users can also track cyber attacks related to the CVE by creating an AI Feed for the specific ID and the model “Cyber Attacks.”

Furthermore, users can monitor indicators of compromise related to exploitation attempts by creating an AI Feed for the CVE ID and the “Indicators of Compromise” AI Model. This proactive approach allows users to gather and export IoCs from various sources and add them to their security environment.

Additionally, by adding the “Threat Intelligence Report” AI Model to their Web Alert, users can access curated intelligence about the CVE. By combining various AI Models into a single AI Feed, users can gain a comprehensive overview of a specific CVE, including insights on exploits, malware families, and related threat actors.

Overall, Feedly AI’s new features make it easier for users to stay informed about vulnerabilities and potential threats, allowing them to prioritize patches and enhance their cybersecurity measures.

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