Tracking Emerging Cyber Threats: A Guide to Real-Time Monitoring


Unlock the Power of Feedly for Threat Intelligence: Leveraging AI Models for Proactive Security

Feedly for Threat Intelligence has revolutionized the way cybersecurity professionals gather and prioritize intelligence, thanks to its powerful AI engine. This AI engine automatically scours millions of sources in real-time, analyzing and tagging key threat intelligence concepts like critical vulnerabilities, malware families, threat actors, and more.

With Feedly AI, users can create AI Feeds tailored to their specific intelligence needs, whether it’s monitoring critical vulnerabilities and zero-days, researching threat actors and malware families, understanding the threat landscape around their industry, or tracking niche cybersecurity topics.

The AI Models within Feedly make it easy for users to define the intelligence they want to gather, combine multiple models for refined focus, and even incorporate their own trusted sources. This ensures that users receive relevant and timely information, without the need for manual keyword searches.

One of the key advantages of Feedly for Threat Intelligence is the ability to stay ahead of emerging threats by proactively tracking specific threats and vulnerabilities. By utilizing AI Feeds, users can receive updates on critical vulnerabilities and zero-days related to vendors deployed in their environment, helping them make informed decisions on response strategies.

Overall, Feedly for Threat Intelligence is a game-changer for cybersecurity teams, providing them with the tools and insights needed to stay ahead of evolving threats. As the AI engine continues to evolve and add more AI models, users can expect to become even smarter and more efficient in their threat intelligence efforts.

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