Unveiling the Dark Reality of “High-Paying Jobs” in Russia: Promised Paradise Turns into War


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has made a major breakthrough in cracking down on a human trafficking network that was luring Indian nationals with false promises of high-paying jobs in Russia, only to send them to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine. Four individuals have been arrested in connection with this heinous operation, including Arun from Trivandrum, Kerala, Yesudas Junior (aka Priyan), Nijil Jobi Bensam from Kanyakumari, and Anthony Michael Elangovan from Mumbai.

The CBI initiated this investigation after registering a First Information Report (FIR) on March 6, 2024, exposing a large trafficking scheme that used social media platforms and local agents to deceive young job seekers. The victims were trained for military activities and sent to the front lines of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, putting their lives in grave danger.

The network’s key players, such as Nijil Jobi Bensam and Anthony Michael Elangovan, played pivotal roles in facilitating the recruitment and travel arrangements of Indian nationals to join the Russian military. Arun and Yesudas Junior were primary recruiters targeting individuals from Kerala and Tamil Nadu for this illegal operation.

This case sheds light on the sinister practices of private visa consultancy firms and agents who exploit the dreams and aspirations of young Indians seeking employment opportunities abroad. The CBI continues its investigation to dismantle the entire trafficking ring and bring all culprits to justice.

Authorities urge the public to remain vigilant against human trafficking and report any suspicious activities related to overseas job offers. This revelation serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking behind false promises and the importance of verifying the legitimacy of foreign employment opportunities.

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